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Puspajaya Aluminium Sdn. Bhd. is a privately owned limited liability company operating from its factory at Puchong.


The company engages in the design and installation of aluminum and glazing works for High-rise Building, Complex & Office Building, Hotels, Airport and Housing Developments. Its products are designed and installed to Architecture specifications and these include aluminium doors and windows, curtain walling, Alucobond panel cladding,  skylights, Fire Resistance Glass & Steel Frame, Frame less Glass System and etc.


The company has already been established for 24 years since 1974 and has become one of the major contractors for aluminium and glazing works in Malaysia.


As a contractor for aluminium works, the company is registered with Jabatan Kerja Raya (Class B), Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (Class A Unlimited) and Urban Development Authority (Class BX). 


Puspajaya Aluminium Sdn. Bhd. intends to increase its geographical coverage and market share in Malaysia through the marketing of quality aluminium and glazing products for the construction industry, Qualified and trained personnel concentrate on providing quality works. 

Puspajaya's  Product  Offerings   

    Don't take risks! Use local independent testing rig for your curtain walling, shopfront and window.


    Puspajaya Aluminium Sdn. Bhd emphasises on high preformance and quality Curtain Walling, Shopfront and Window. All its products are fully tested  under BS 5368 parts 1, 2 and 3 or others relevant standards before they are fixed onto the building.


    Quality design & installation 
    Ability to keep to project schedule 
    Co-operative & pleasant site personnel 
    Design and installation services 
    Installation services 


How can Puspajaya offer the above? 


Quality design and installation


 A technical company like Puspajaya achieves high quality products without incurring much costs in research and development. Our answer is technical support from Korean and Japanese principles. These principals will provide technical support and supervision when complex technical designs and installation of aluminium and glazing works are required for high rise buildings.  

Qualified and trained personnel are used to inspect all installation to ensure that they are of high quality and workmanship. 


  Keeping to project schedule 


Our ability to keep to project schedule is a reflection of our ability to plan. Using modern management techniques such as activity scheduling and computerised materials requirement planning, we are able to eliminate most causes of work delay. Supplier selection is now a major attention. Our ability to keep to project schedule is shown by the fact  that majority of our projects are completed before schedule. 


  Cooperative & pleasant personnel 


Well trained personnel together with a full time site supervisor ensures that problems at site are kept to a minimum. All personnel are well briefed on aspects of safety and other site regulations. As such you are assured of minimal problems from our workers. 


Design and installation services 


All the design of curtain wallings, doors, windows are for customised requirements. Design and installation depends on the technicality of the product required. Most curtain walling, skylights and canopy designs take a longer time as they are done by our suppliers in Japan and Korea. 


  Installation services 


All installation are carried out under strict supervision to ensure the elimination of poor installation and workmanship. All installations are stringently checked for the quality of workmanship to ensure the satisfaction of our client or his representative. 


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